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Stage #1 LED Streaming

Founded in Frankfurt, Germany - we will soon expand the unique SPARK experience to some of the most inspiring and dynamic European cities.

Most important facts

  • Flexible broadcast formats with up to 150 people in the audience
  • Bright 400m² broadcast area with access to the roof terrace on the 6th floor
  • Representative ambience
  • High quality business lounges interior and conference rooms
  • Separate control room behind glass

The setup

  • LED Wall, 3.846 x 1.152 pixel, 10m width, 3m height
  • Blackmagic Studio 4k Camera System
  • Audio system with studio microphones and conference sound
  • Flexible lighting system in front of the LED Wall in the ceiling grid
  • Fully equipped image, video and media control room

Basic price

  • From 17.500 EUR per production day
  • Studio rental incl. video and camera equipment
  • Technical media operator