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Stage #2 Mixed Reality

Founded in Frankfurt, Germany - we will soon expand the unique SPARK experience to some of the most inspiring and dynamic European cities.

Most important facts

  • 422m² Studio Stage for virtual and mixed reality productions
  • 270° panorama LED for real-time background rendering
  • Broadcast production with up to 180 studio guests
  • Adjoining studios for pre- and post-production on the same floor

The setup

  • LED backdrop, resolution: 11.520 x 1.152 pixel as panorama on 30m x 3m
  • 3 Blackmagic Studio 4 K camera trains
  • Tracking system with 16 cams PX 13 for Augmented Reality Experience and
  • Unreal productions
  • Pixera media server system
  • Ceiling grid for lighting technology
  • Direction, sound and image technology

Basic price

  • from 25.000 EUR per production day
  • Studio rental incl. video and camera equipment
  • Technical media operator