Every business needs a SPARK.


Stage your corporate’s content like never before using impressive next-generation technology to reach and connect with your audience


State-of-the-art workspaces that combine contemporary beauty with functional versatility and technology to create exceptional business and communal environments

SPARK is a high-performace platform where companies can turn their stories into unique experiences.


Reach and connect with your audience in a more immersive and emotionally charged way with powerful storytelling tools to create tailor-made cinematic experiences.

Immersive Experience

Create completely unique, customized experiences and stages for breath-taking presentations, thrilling kick-offs, and impressive film production.

Sales Kick-off


Virtual Production Studio

Imagine a fully customizable studio where you control the 3D environment around you to endlessly redefine the creative space without restrictions.

Hybrid Convention

Podium Discussion



State-of-the-art production equipment with full, professional tech support enables you to tell your story like never before – with limitless possibilities.

Product Launch

Product Tutorials

Commercial Production

Content Creating Studios

This technology-driven environment is the perfect platform to interact with your audience in a new and impactful way – creating video content of the future.

Professional Video Conference


Executive Convention

Leadership Training

Every business
needs a Spark


Modern, scalable workspace designed to boost your creative output and maximize your potential, right in the heart of Frankfurt. Completely customize your perfect workspace – including exclusive features and top-class services.

Corporate Residences,
Private Offices & Team Suites

With prestigious private offices, team suites and upscale corporate residences, you have endless possibilities to design your perfect workspace with distinct, customized features.

Business Club & Collaborations

Designed to spark creative exchange, collaboration, and expert networking – this architectural stunning platform features exclusive services and luxurious communal spaces.

Meeting & Events

Discover impressive showrooms, spectacular event and confidential meeting spaces ideal for hosting a grand audience or an intimate VIP group – with seamless, logistical excellence and state-of-the-art technology.


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