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Create your perfect collaboration space.

The Straight Up is a Collaboration Room for interactive meetings. It offers the possibility to display or write down content via a Vitra Dancing Wall.

Our Collaboration Spaces at SPARK harmoniously blend residential charm and an astute working environment class. Each individually designed, each intimate yet subtly spectacular. Our state-of-the-art Collaboration Spaces combine contemporary beauty with functional versatility and technology to create exceptional environments for e.g. your meetings or workshops.

You will be welcomed in our Collaboration Spaces with fragrant coffee, a small snack and mineral water. All Collaboration Spaces are equipped with a SAMSUNG frame to display your presentation. If necessary, you can also use the logitech camera and speakers. These services are already included in the amount of the room rental of your Collaboration Space.

Premium Features

Our Straight Up features a host of premium features.

4-8 people

Dancing Wall

Samsung Frame

Refreshment Center

Further technical equipment upon request

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